Certifications and Safety

As a member of the Precast-Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) since 1960, Wells Concrete was one of the charter members of PCI’s Plant Certification Program in 1967. All three of Wells Concrete’s plants maintain the PCI Certified plant status today. The Albany, Minnesota plant has also successfully completed the necessary criteria for Canadian Precast-Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI).

PCI Certification is the precast concrete structures industry’s most proven, comprehensive, trusted, and specified certification program. For more than 45 years, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has certified manufacturers of precast/prestressed concrete products. The certification program also addresses plant personnel and the erection process in the field, thereby providing the most comprehensive program in the industry. This assures owners, specifiers, and designers that precast concrete products are manufactured by companies that subscribe to nationally accepted standards, have comprehensive quality systems in place and are audited to ensure compliance.

PCI Certification is recognized as the leading and most widely specified quality-assurance program in the construction industry. It is specified by Masterspec, United Facilities Guide Specifications, the General Services Administration, more than 30 state departments of transportation, and many other federal, state, and municipal bodies, and is endorsed by the Federal Highway Administration. PCI Certification is the industry’s most comprehensive certification program, including plant, personnel, and field certification. From start to finish, PCI certifies the process of manufacturing and erecting precast and prestressed concrete components. This certification of plants, personnel, and product erection provides greater assurance to owners, architects, engineers, and contractors that precast concrete components will be manufactured and installed according to stringent industry standards. Below is a brief summary of these programs.

PCI Certified Plant


PCI’s Plant Certification Program ensures that Wells Concrete has developed and documented an in-depth, in-house quality system based on time-tested, national industry standards. Wells undergoes two thorough, unannounced audits each year. The audits are conducted by competent third-party engineers who audit our plants according to requirements specifically developed for the types of products being manufactured.
PCI Members


The Plant Quality Personnel Certification Program, started in 1985, provides instruction and evaluation for three levels of trained, knowledgeable, and certified quality-control personnel. PCI also trains Certified Field Auditors (CFAs) and Certified Company Auditors (CCAs), who inspect and qualify precast concrete erectors. This process extends personnel certification into the field.
PCI Certified Erector

Product Erection

The PCI-Certified Erector program is designed to provide the necessary guarantee that the installer/erector has the organizational depth administratively and managerially to maintain the performance PCI has set forth in their standards. Wells Concrete is proud to be one of only a few PCI-Certified Erectors in the United States. Wells Concrete takes this certification very seriously in its maintenance of quality documents, project files, equipment management records, audits, and general approach to ensure all clients realize the value of his important program.

The Qualified Erector and Certified Erector programs evaluate erection procedures and field quality control for precast concrete. Introduced in 1999, these programs extend PCI’s quality performance standards throughout the construction process. The erection company’s management and each erection crew are audited according to nationally published criteria, providing customers with the assurance that the product quality created by stringent factory conditions continues into the field during installation.

Wells Concrete is dedicated to quality as we participate in and have access to over 80 committees and hundreds of industry professionals through PCI. This keeps us on the leading edge of technology, sustainability, research and development, codes, standards, and more. We also have access to the latest manuals that guide and set the standards for the precast concrete structures industry


Working safely is the number one priority of all Wells team members. We believe that working injury free is not only achievable, but is expected.

At Wells, working safely starts with a commitment from leadership. Wells Concrete’s Board of Directors and CEO designed and implemented a Wells Safety Management System and appointed a Corporate Safety Director to centralize the safety efforts company wide.


  • OSHA compliance
  • Daily and monthly safety inspections
  • Auditing of company policies and processes to ensure compliance
  • Training for all Wells team members
  • A proactive approach designed to prevent accidents before they occur
  • Emergency readiness training

Working safely is a commitment shared by all Wells team members. We know that by working safely, we can do our best work and continue leading the way as the most innovative and reliable precast solutions provider in the industry.