Wells Concrete produces prefabricated stairs for offices, multi-family housing units, sports arenas, parking ramps and any other structure requiring stairs. Stairs are used in any application where a stair tower or individual steps are required. These modules can provide fast erection and durable access in buildings or parking structures. They are compatible with precast, steel, block or any type of building product. This product can speed up the construction schedule greatly by giving all trades access to all floors as soon as construction begins. No temporary access stairs or dangerous scaffolding is needed.

Advantages of Precast Stair Systems

  • Maintenance minimal through life of building
  • Installed at the beginning of the project eliminating the need for dangerous and costly scaffolding and providing a safe way for subcontractors to access all levels of the building
  • Considering all construction cost factors, precast stairs provide the most economical solution
  • Throughout construction phase, precast stairs provide ultimate durability and functionality
  • Provides a safety element during construction – no tripping from wood filled pan stairs