Wall Panels

Wall panels are an energy efficient alternative to steel and masonry, providing a durable wall; manufactured with locally extracted, recycled materials whenever possible, making them the premier choice for any commercial project.


  • Naturally fire resistant.
  • Durable concrete finish, inside and out.
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment allowing for low water/cement ratios. This results in a denser concrete material that prevents water penetration, ultimately resulting in a better quality product.
  • Quick installation in any weather condition allows for fast building enclosure and lower construction financing costs.
  • Load bearing wall panels eliminate perimeter columns, opening up your building for unlimited design possibilities.
  • Allow for easy building expansion or relocation, thus minimizing future construction costs.
  • Endless aesthetic options with features, finishes and concrete mixes.
  • The mass of the interior wythe of concrete will absorb and retain heat and cold, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.