Gilbert High School

Gilbert, IA

The Gilbert High School creates a gateway to the community with its north wall serving as a billboard with the city name “Gilbert” cast into the face of the precast insulated wall panels. With a footprint of over 120,000 SF, this building includes a state-of-the-art academic wing, cooking and serving kitchen, media center, gymnasium, 605 seat auditorium and a FEMA Safe Room. The commons feature a large amount of curtain wall glazing for natural lighting.

The high school expands and improves all programs and accommodates future enrollment growth. The energy efficient building also creates continuity between all of Gilbert’s educational facilities using face brick. The high school is a refreshing and necessary addition that will sustain the community for years to come.

Wells Concrete produced and installed 47 architectural insulated wall panels for this project that boast a mix of sandblast and thin brick finishes.  The embedded town name into the sandblast finished wall panels creates a unique accent at an attractive cost.

School administrators want their facilities to project a strong, secure image with traditional appearance that relates well with existing campus buildings or scale of the neighborhood. Precast concrete components can achieve this in a cost-efficient way with added benefits no other material can match.

Using inset thin-brick techniques on precast’s panelized systems creates the look that many school districts seek. Precast’s inset brick eliminates the long scheduling needed for laid-up brick while removing several trades from the site. It ensures a high-quality, even-spaced appearance that is difficult to achieve with actual brickwork — while eliminating on-site inspections. Using traditional brick as the building enclosure can lead to a congested work site, wasted materials, added time and construction materials, problems with blocked weep holes from falling mortar, inconsistent labor expertise, weak mortar joints, efflorescence and disruptions due to bad weather. All these quality concerns and time delays are eliminated with precast concrete systems

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