HOM Furniture

Bloomington, MN

HOM Furniture has built a flagship megastore in Bloomington to house all three of its brands — HOM Furniture, Gabberts and Dock 86. Construction began on June 1, 2019, and the site more than doubled the size of the previous location – from 100,000 to more than 212,000 square feet, making it the company’s largest store.

Wells Concrete produced and erected nearly 60,000 sq. ft. of precast for this new megastore.  The exterior façade includes architectural insulated wall panels that boast beautiful white panels with a unique formliner and acid etch pattern.  The lower portion of the panel is a black mix in a block fromliner pattern

The development marks the greatest improvement for Gabberts as it moves from the Galleria, a high-end mall in Edina, Minn., where the furniture store has been for 60 years. The HOM store at the Bloomington site was razed to make way for the new 212,000-square-foot structure. The new complex resembles one that the company has operated out of for several years in Little Canada, Minn., just outside Minneapolis and St. Paul, but is about 40,000 square feet larger.

The new Gabberts showroom is two stories and larger than the existing store in Edina. The two-story HOM store and single-level Dock 86 share an entrance but remain separate stores. HOM has 17 locations in the Upper Midwest, and ranks as one of the nation’s largest furniture retailers serving customers in the Upper Midwestern states of Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Watch our video summary of this project:  https://youtu.be/pByivg2wA2o

ProductsSq. Ft.#
Column Stick1595
Wall Architectural Insulated  12” x 12’40,77088
Wall Architectural Solid  12” x 12’792
Wall Structural Solid 12” x 12’17,28997