Whitewater Ramp

Minnetonka, MN

This ramp increased an existing parking structure from five levels to seven levels, the current leaseholder, United Health Group, requested to reconfigure the interior of the building creating a denser office environment and, thus, requiring additional parking. The existing site had 635 parking spaces, the addition increased to 947 spaces.

The construction was a vertical addition within the footprint of the existing ramp, increasing from 42 feet to 63 feet in height. The two added levels to the parking ramp continue the same design as the existing ramp levels and with no modifications to the entrance or egress to the ramp, including the elevator and stair tower on the north side.

The existing parking ramp structure is a 5 level precast concrete component assembly including integrally colored off white exterior spandrels with an acid etch texture and waterwash accents. The additional levels will match the original design of precast concrete component construction, and maintain the perimeter shape with no encroachments upon required building setbacks.

Wells manufactured and erected more than 100,000 sq., ft. of precast concrete for the additional two levels. To match the existing building, architectural wall panels were produced with a sandblast finish.  Spandrels, double tees, beams and columns were also incorporated into the precast build.

ProductSq. Ft.#
Beam – Inverted T1,08316
Beam – Ledge02
Column – Pocketed1,15828
Double Tee – Parking Ramp84,359168
Spandrel – Ledge7,35738
Spandrel – Rectangular2,8699
Wall – Architectural Solid, sandblast finish161
Wall – Shear1672
Wall – Stitch4,59438