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 Name LocationSite Area Date Ttl Safety Topic Root Causes Status Respirator User Name Completion DateEntry
Adam Pogatschnik Bay 111/16/20205PPE

Employee wasn't wearing their safety glasses.

Completed11/16/2020View / Edit Details
MATT MAGUET FS2210/14/20207PPE

Jake Swenson had his mask below his nose and mouth. I told him to keep it up, and not even 5 minutes later it was back on his chin again.

Completed10/14/2020View / Edit Details
Kristian Zapata production09/15/20209PPE

temp employee was working on FB-1 without hard hat or safety glasses.

Completed09/15/2020View / Edit Details
Jeff Bullerman Covid07/28/202012Other

Sent EE (Nolan Rafferty) home on 7/28/20 he had a couple of the symptoms.

Completed12/01/2020View / Edit Details
Peter Brown North TT06/10/20209Unsafe Operation

An EE used a metal hammer trying to release a chuck off the cable.

Completed06/12/2020View / Edit Details
Steve Arndt Out in the yard04/08/20206PPE

Dustin Knewtson crawled out of his truck to unhook his air lines and was not wearing his hard hat.

Completed04/08/2020View / Edit Details
MS & JB Safety Audit Yard01/22/20206Safe Equipment Operations

EE was driving the Mahindra tractor without using the seat belt.

Completed01/22/2020View / Edit Details
jim johnson fs2411/12/20197Safe Equipment Operations

employee was cutting out bed and cut the wrong strand causing the top layer and bottom layer to shift 2 inches. luckily employee was standing on the bulkhead in stead of the piece

Completed11/12/2019View / Edit Details
Sam Hope Columbia Heights High School 703110/02/201910Safe Equipment Operations

Equipment could be damaged or not working properly

Completed10/02/2019View / Edit Details
Ben Sorenson Finishing Building08/16/20194Safe Equipment Operations

Employee was not using a vacuum while grinding edges on a panel.

Completed08/16/2019View / Edit Details
Corey Olson FS 2407/03/20196PPE

QC Brady Korn was working with no ear plugs

Completed07/03/2019View / Edit Details
Shaun Insley East end of Bay 1 between FS-8 and FS-705/22/20197Safe Equipment Operations

Witnessed and employee driving the forklift erratically and too fast.

Completed05/22/2019View / Edit Details
Gorden H. FS2204/16/20196PPE

Josh P. was not using face shield while using grinder

Completed04/16/2019View / Edit Details
Steve Arndt FS 21 - West Plant03/19/20194PPE

Zack Betland was wearing glasses without side shields.

Completed03/19/2019View / Edit Details
Mitch Berntson Building A, south walk in door near break room02/14/20194Fall Hazard

Blustery conditions caused snow to build up around the door, and through use, eventually preventing the door from closing all the way. Snow was blowing inside through the partly open door causing the ramp going down into the building to become slippery.

Completed02/14/2019View / Edit Details
Brady K Steel Shop01/07/20197PPE

Todd in steel shop was not wearing proper PPE while using the Bar cutter

Completed01/07/2019View / Edit Details
Chris Erickson Finish Building12/01/20185PPE

Employee not wearing ppe

Completed12/01/2018View / Edit Details
jerry asmus dt1010/11/20186PPE

employee came out to the floor with street glasses on instead of safety glasses.

Completed10/11/2018View / Edit Details
Peter Brown Hallow Core07/27/20189Safe Equipment Operations

An Employee walked under the conveyor that loads concrete into the Tuckers.

Completed07/27/2018View / Edit Details
Andrew Scholten FS2505/16/20184Ergonomics

While setting up the FS25 this morning, everyone was working efficiently and going at a good pace. Ramon Ambriz was putting rails up on the side as well as doing some work on the form as he went along, he jumped from the form to the floor when he was going to set a rail.

Completed05/16/2018View / Edit Details
Tom Vanek 1703303/14/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Labor put ladder up to low

Completed03/14/2018View / Edit Details
Andrew Scholten B402/02/20184Other

Cable laying along the B5 that wasn't long enough for B4 was being driven over by the B4 crew with the fork lift, while they were loading a new cable reel in the rack.

Completed02/02/2018View / Edit Details
jerry asmus dt912/12/20176Safe Equipment Operations

catwalk on west side of DT9 is broke.

Completed12/13/2017View / Edit Details
Steve Qualley Building B FS210/17/20176Safe Equipment Operations

While tensioning it was observed employee walked into danger zone. Employee walked out of electrical shop into danger zone, unaware we were tensioning. Because there is no indicator of the process in motion, this also pertains to any office or room that a employee could walk out of into the danger zone. (Al's office, Elec shop, Carp shop, QC lab, Women's bathroom, passageway buy carpenter shop)

Completed10/23/2017View / Edit Details
Hermila Rigegate12/28/202011Housekeeping

We need clean every day the zona where we working

Completed12/28/2020View / Edit Details
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