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Wells Webinar: Double Tees for Floor and Roof Structures

Double Tees have become increasingly prominent as a solution to recent construction material shortages, especially in roof and floor structure functions. This presentation will cover how precast double tees can be used, including typical sections, available sizes, design spans and loading. We will delve into common connection details to other structural components, suggestions for layout, and attachment of mechanical, piping, electrical and HVAC items. Attendees will also hear about fire ratings, long term benefits as they pertain to durability and insurance, and a life cycle analysis.

Topics include:
• Typical sections / available sizes as well as design spans / loading
• Estimating camber and the effects of composite topping on design
• Common connection details for both the structure and mechanical, piping, electrical items, and HVAC
• Determining fire ratings
• Long term benefits related to durability
• Long term insurance premium saving
• Life cycle analysis

Wells Shares: Better Design Through Embodied Carbon with Precast Concrete Webinar

Please join PCI Midwest and the other Chapters of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute in attending this free AIA-CEU approved education webinar titled Better Design through Embodied Carbon with Precast Concrete

Webinar Description: Now that architects have a good understanding of environmental impacts related to energy use, the next design frontier in tackling climate change is reducing the embodied carbon in buildings. This webinar will focus on best practices for determining the embodied carbon in a building, including credible sources for embodied carbon data. It will introduce common practices and misconceptions about comparisons of embodied carbon. A case study will be presented that highlights how design decisions may be influenced when comparing among up-front carbon, use-phase carbon, or whole-life carbon. The presentation will highlight existing tools related to quantifying embodied carbon.

Presenter: Emily Lorenz, PE is an independent consultant in the areas of LCA, EPDs, PCRs, green building, and sustainability. She serves as an engineer in the areas of green structures and practices, energy efficiency, thermal properties, and moisture mitigation. Lorenz also specializes in green building code and standard work and advocacy.

Credits: 1.0 AIA LU/HSW or 1.0 PDH

Cost: FREE

REGISTER: https://www.pci.org/PCIMidwest/PCI/News-Events/Event_Display.aspx?EventKey=WEB201203