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Wells Educates: Climate Change, Carbon Reduction & Infinite Facade Webisode

For this presentation, the Facade Squad reviews what climate change is in regards to technical metrics, how carbon emissions plays a role those metrics, and what goals are being set to help reduce carbon emissions.  Participants will learn about the details and benefits of the Infinite Facade light weight precast system and how it differs from traditional precast spandrel cladding.  This presentation will provide data on the energy use benefits of Infinite Façade compared to other traditional exterior cladding systems.  Additionally, there will be a review of the Life Cycle Assessment done on Infinite Façade and how it compares to other more traditional materials and their impact the environment. Approved for 1 CEUs.

Guest Speakers: Ed Muehlberg with Wells Concrete and Doug Bevier from Clark Pacific


Wells Educates: Durability and Low Maintenance Building Envelope Systems Webisode

The Facade Squad discusses the importance of durability when it comes to specifying requirements for prefabricated building envelope products. From a recent study, initial cost was one of the most influential factors in building facade material selection over the next five years, but that does not necessarily translate to low cost. Stakeholders emphasized that long-term maintenance and durability is also of the utmost importance and the Facade Squad will dive into how achieving these factors comes with using premium materials that maintain their aesthetic and performance characteristics throughout the lifecycle of the building.  Approved for .5 CEUs.


Wells Educates: Facade Squad: Understand the GC’s Approach to Prefabricated Facades Webisode

In March, the Facade Squad dives into the viewpoints of general contractors when focusing on the complete building envelope while utilizing prefabricated solutions, our guest speaker is Peter Dupuis of Gundlach Champion. The webisode will focus on a general contractor’s approach a prefabricated building envelope, their relationship with the owner, and the design team collaboration process.  The speakers will also look at current industry trends and recent feedback from owners on the prefabricated solution recently installed their current construction project.  Approved for .5 CEUs.

Guest Speaker: Peter Dupuis, Project Manager with Gundlach Champion