Phyllis Felsinger

Senior Vice President - Safety

Phyllis Felsinger Head Shot

The role of Senior Vice President of Safety augments Wells’ world class safety culture that strives to achieve zero harm to employees, contractors and guests. Felsinger also leads and coaches all employees on interpretation and administration of employee safety and health policies and procedures, oversees workers compensation benefits, and ensures incidents are reported and investigated as required and appropriate, responding in a timely manner to keep Wells and its employees safe and accountable.

Part of her nearly 30 years’ experience in corporate safety and human resources leadership roles, Felsinger had been with Spancrete since 2012. During her time there, she successfully re-implemented the corporate safety program following the 2008 – 2013 economic downturn, introducing a behavioral based approach that focused on enhancing the organization’s culture and developed a measurable safety leadership program. She also continued a downward trend in recordable incidents and, in 2020, celebrated Zero Lost Time Injuries for two continuous years.