LocationWaukesha - Machinery
DivisionGreat Lakes
Inspector's InitialsB.S.
AreaShop Area
Tools stored as requiredOK
Do you know where the SDS binders are located?OK
Safeguards in place and in working orderOK
Interlocks in place as required and function properlyOK
E-stop red, with yellow halo behindOK
Are electrical cords in good condition, free of cuts, frays splices and exposed wiring and correct replacement plug end used.OK
Are extension cords used for temporary use only?OK
Angle guards in placeOK
Machine function as intended by the manufacturerOK
Cords out of aislesOK
Third prong plug intactOK
GFCI protection used in extension cord or connection.OK
Is lockout tagout used during service and maintenance?OK
Lockout lock used company issuedOK
Is there a lockout lock used for every person performing service or maintenanceOK
Walking/working surfaces and storage areas free of potential slip/trip/fall hazards.OK
Daily pre-shift inspection completed on powered industrial vehiclesOK
All Pass or FailPass
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