Wells West

Office and Plant

Brighton, CO

The new 122,673 sq. ft. total precast facility sits on 64.5 acres of land and showcases the unique innovation and engineering of our internal teams as well as our partnership with PCL Construction, KL&A, and Davis Partnership Architects.

Nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of precast is incorporated into the office, manufacturing and batch plants. The three-story office façade boasts acid etch and formliner finishes in a light grey concrete mix. Integrated enclosure system (IES) lightweight wall panels were used on the west side of the office building and formliner-insulated spandrels over the rest of the office exterior. The elevator shaft boasts black concrete formliner wall panels with illuminated Wells logo signage.

The open floor concept office has many unique features including multiple huddle rooms and common spaces for team meetings, an employee lounge on both the first and second floors, and a plethora of windows and light for an improved working and team environment. Wells prides itself in keeping its employees and clients updated on the latest precast trends and safety protocols and therefore built a 50-person training room for internal training and continuing education programs. These dedicated conference and community meeting spaces allow Wells to bring the community in, host events and create conversations around the future of the region.

The lobby of the office also provides a unique gathering place with stadia bleachers and huddle spaces for large meetings; the stadia and precast stairs lead to the second floor. A large TV is available in the front of the lobby to use for visuals during meetings in the space. The lobby demonstrates the flexibility of precast to interact and compliment other building materials; these materials were left exposed to be used for educational purposes.

A pre-topped double tee was used for a creative and unique balcony, a product often used in a parking ramps, and will house patio furniture for outdoor seating. The top floor of the office building is left unfinished, planned for future expansion.

The production facility was designed to be very versatile in order to meet the demands of Wells’ clients. The inventory of forms has increased and can be moved around to fit the needs of any given project. Many of the new forms are long line with prestressing capability for economy and efficiency. This year-round manufacturing facility will produce all architectural precast indoors while using the outdoor forms for structural production. The lifting capacity moved from 15-ton cranes in the previous plant to 25-ton cranes in this new facility, providing the opportunity for additional products of various sizes, higher volumes, a more responsive turn-around, and higher quality. The operations space also includes locker rooms and a lunch area for plant employees.

To learn see more, watch this drone video of the plant and office building.

Design: January 2018
Construction: January 2019
Groundbreaking: August 2019
Project Complete: May 2020
First Pour: May 2020

February 20, 2020

The office building is in the final phase of construction.  Paint is currently being applied to the ceilings and walls followed by flooring and trim work in the next couple of weeks.  The concrete floors in the operations buildings will be complete this week which will allow for final electrical and mechanical activities to complete in the ceilings.  The four overhead cranes are on site and will be installed in the indoor casting bay the first week of March.  Site concrete and the outdoor casting bed foundations are continuing. Wells has started the installation of structural forms along with making connections to the steam lines needed for heat.  The batch plant has completed all major erection activities and electrical wiring has started.

January 7, 2020

The precast portion of this project is nearly complete; we have half of the batch plant structure to complete along with a small building for water treatment.  The office has been framed and finishes start next week along with the lobby enclosure.  Floors have all been cast in the support building and door installation has begun for all of the support areas.  The location has permanent power and many of the areas have the light fixtures installed and operating.  The interior casting bay is completely erected and the floor of the casting bay has started to be poured.  The batch plant erection started in December and is ongoing.  The steam trench has been placed and steam lines installed, the boiler arrives mid-January.  The outdoor casting bed foundations should begin next week weather permitting, followed closely by form installation.  The parking lot of the office building is starting to take shape with the curb and gutter being installed as weather permits.

November 13, 2019

The office building is complete along with the mold shop.  The photos are mainly of the support “wing” which consists of the steel shop, tool room, boiler room, plant offices, maintenance, QC lab and water treatment.  All of these have been erected in the last month.  The crew has started the indoor casting bay which will connect the two areas that you can see in the jobsite camera shot.  Currently we are 42% complete with precast erection.

October 9, 2019

The actual office building, along with the beginning of the Operations buildings is currently being installed. The office structure is complete including the IES panels.  Windows will start to be installed next week.

September 30, 2019

Progress continues on our new Brighton, CO plant.  After months of design, structural steel fabrication and production – Wells poured, stripped and tilted our first Integrated Enclosure System (IES) light weight wall panel in our CO plant.  Great engineering and craftsmanship from Moise Lopez (Production), Danny Sheetz (Steel Fabrication), Phillip Thomas (Engineering) and their respective teams for making this happen.

August 15, 2019

Wells Concrete is working hard to get its newest 100,000+ square foot location open and operating in Brighton and has begun the groundwork for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, opening in 2020.  Wells acquired Rocky Mountain Prestress in January 2019 and is consolidating the two existing facilities into the new Brighton location.

The project will add many jobs to the Brighton economy with more to follow as the facility grows into its full capability and realizes its full potential in the future. Along with the relocation of existing employees, the development of the new facility will result in an initial capital investment of over $45 million. The economic impact that Wells Concrete will have on the Brighton community is substantial and positive.The challenges of vacating the legacy facilities, opening the new production facility, and meeting all our customers’ demands are wide and varied.  Wells has been in this position before and has always met the expectations of our customers, employees, and shareholders.  We are very proud of this new facility and extend our thanks to all involved in both Wells East and Wells West to bring us to this point.

Product# PiecesSq Ft
Architectural Insulated Panel11021,695
Architectural Non-Standard Stair436,232
Architectural Spandrel131,259
Architectural Stressed Wall16764,041
Architectural Structural Column824,243
Architectural Wall101,796
Double Tee247439,428
Flat Slab23846,928
Insulated Wall41,828
Rectangular Beam1044,243



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