ER Post Truss System

This patented design provides the answer to the age-old problem of designing mixed-use buildings. Long span trusses allow for parking, retail and living to be combined in one building with easy transitions from each.

Precast Trusses provide 40’-70’ of column-free space on every level with alternating floors completely open. Parking levels are free of column transfers which maximizes parking spaces.

Advantages of Trusses

  • Provide complete flexibility in exterior cladding. Many possibilities in architectural precast cladding as well as full height glass exteriors are made possible with this system
  • Allow for all-weather construction and erection. As Trusses are erected above, other trades can bring their work in the floors below, allowing for accelerated occupancy and reduced financing costs
  • Allows for column free retail and parking levels giving total flexibility in interior planning
  • Support two levels of hollowcore plank or double tees
  • Provides open area in tight floor-to-floor heights
  • Fire resistant product makes system ideal for housing applications, mixed-use, and hospitality