Risers provide the building blocks for stadia seating in stadiums, arenas, school auditoriums, or other event centers of the like.

Stadia can be used indoors as well as outdoors for the most durable stadium seating available. Risers are used to support seating in stadiums, arenas, theaters, and other types of grandstands. Typically, they are made as single, double, or triple risers with heights cast to satisfy site lines in the venue. Specifying single, double, or triple risers will depend on the layout and may be dictated by weights and crane access during construction.

Advantages of Stadia

  • Ideal choice in arena seating
  • Precast stadiums are much more solid than traditional stadium construction methods, there is little noise and vibration when patrons walk up and down the stairs and move around in their seats
  • High fire rating
  • Unmatched flexibility when it comes to the design of stadiums and theatres
  • All weather durability – can withstand many forces of nature including winds, rain and snow
  • Plant-fabricated and can be erected in any weather condition, thus reducing construction time to meet demanding schedules